CKP Legacy Lecture Series

Legacy Lecture Series 

Six weeks after the birth of her first child, Courtney Kyte Plandowski was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer. For three years, even in the face of unfathomable circumstances, it was evident that Courtney’s concern was not for herself, but for others, and especially for her son Harvey. She continued to be primarily recognized not as a cancer patient, but as Harvey’s informed, skilled, and exceptionally involved mother. It is in that spirit that the Courtney Kyte Plandowski Legacy Lecture Series has been created. The idea was born from browsing through her bookshelves: what were the topics that mattered most to her? Each year, the CKP Legacy Lecture Series will host a dynamic speaker to discuss the things that meant the most to Courtney: parenting, health, humor; being a good mom, and a good person.

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