Outreach is an integral part of the culture and ethos of Episcopal Schools.  An Episcopal School is a community which integrates spiritual and character formation into all aspect of school life.  Episcopal Schools create an environment for children and their families which is both inclusive and comprehensive.  Episcopal Schools foster hope of redeeming the world by expressing our concern for the well-being of others within our own community and those in the larger world.

Our outreach begins within the walls of our classroom.  We create an environment which values care and concern for our classmates.  It is an expectation that all within the group will respect the feelings, needs and dignity of every member of our class.

Administratively our school makes a commitment to outreach within our own school community by awarding more than one hundred thousand dollars in scholarship assistance to our families.

Our outreach to the wider world consists of two main commitments:  Each Thanksgiving our families and members of the Guild of the Women of St. Chrysostom’s purchase and fill 160 Christmas Stockings for children within the greater Chicago community.  Items to fill the stockings are brought forward by the children during our Thanksgiving Service.

Secondly, we are currently in our third year of an ongoing partnership with St. Simeon School in Croix des Bouquets Haiti. This relationship was established in cooperation with the Episcopal Diocese of Haiti Partnership Program which allows the relationship to flourish in confidence, trust, transparency and accountability with only a 10% service charge to administer the funds.  All offerings from our Children’s Chapel Service and all proceeds from the sale of St. Chrysostom’s “gear” go directly to our partner school in Haiti. We also host an annual benefit dinner which further supports this relationship.  Monies collected over the past three years have been used to build and equip a computer lab at St. Simeon.  Pere Val the supervising priest from St. Simeon has made several visits to our school and a delegation from our school will visit Haiti in April.  I will be able to visit the school myself when I attend the January meeting of the Board of Governors of the National Association of Episcopal Schools in Port Au Prince.

It is our hope and our desire that despite the young age of our children, experiencing outreach at the Day School will set them on a path to an adult life that values living their lives as men and women for others, full of faith and the spirit of a loving and empowering God.

We sponsor an annual dinner in their honor and all donations collected at Chapel are forwarded to the School